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Product application areas:The factory、Large factories、The production workshop

Factory production lines、The warehouse、A car4SThe shop(The parking lot)Needs such as vertical load fluctuation between floor fixed work place of cargo transportation and logistics...

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Dongguan reach machinery manufacturing co., LTD

Located in the fertile pearl river delta hinterland、Have the reputation of the international manufacturing city of dongguan,Is a municipal key support of new and high science and technology private enterprise。The company was founded in1989Years,From a dozen people only trunk converted mill type small plant to develop into a currently has more than 20 engineering and technical personnel,More than two hundred staff of the enterprise。The company according to the product category is divided into three big projects:Logistics equipment projects:The main research and development、Production of automobile tail plate、Loading height adjustment plate、The yard、Industrial doors and other logistics cargo handling equipment...

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How to choose the hydraulic lift platform?How to choose the hydraulic lift platform?

Hydraulic lift for aerial work project now,Security is relatively high。Now all kinds of not much more high facilities,Also makes the job of time is an urgent need to a relatively safe aerial work tools,At present,Hydraulic lifting platform, this kind of high security... [Detailed content]

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